Frierson Woodcrafts

Frierson Woodcrafts

Frierson Woodcrafts is a great example of a professional website designed on a budget. The goal of the website was a help a small carpenter that ran his business at his home and build a website that automatically conveys professionalism and trust.

The beautiful slider images do an amazing job in setting the tone for the whole website. They immediately give the website a warmth and authority in carpentry.

This carpentry shop’s work was mostly custom orders that gave customers more freedom to choose what they wanted to be designed. We designed a custom order form both the tables and cutting board. The forms were key in helping generated sales and clearly conveying to the customer the available design options.

The footer at the bottom of the page features 4 custom features:

  1. Links to different website pages
  2. Contact information for the shop
  3. A custom logo designed by us
  4. A Facebook link that lets customers like the page and visit facebook



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September 11, 2017

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