Piazza Home

Piazza Home

Piazza Home is our latest web design project that should be completed at the end of this quarter. It features a heavy influence of Google’s material design. These design principles incorporate pen and ink style with modern technological design. Piazza Home was deliberately designed to take advantage of the design elements to help provide the best user experience.

You can see this in the design of the website with a grid style, use of shadows and light, and transitional movements when the user scrolls over certain sections. These images are enhanced by the light background that is in stark contrast to the pictures. The button icons move when the customer hovers over them and helps point them in the right direction.

The website also features a scrolling carousel of vendors.  These companies provide authority and quality in all of their products.

Finally, the website includes a testimonial section that features quality reviews by their customers. This section features customer pictures beautifully incorporated into the design. These testimonials enhance the brand and validate a positive image of the business.


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September 11, 2017

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